Demonstrator project: Seavolt

The worlds first full composite floating platform made with Tree Composites wrapped composite joints has been installed in the North Sea. The test platform for floating solar energy has been ordered by Seavolt, a collaboration between Tractebel, DEME, and Jan De Nul. The test platform has been put into operation to gather data for at least a year starting in September, aimed at the large-scale development of offshore solar energy. Tree Composites is proud to have been part of this project from design of the joints, to manufacturing of the complete floater.



The square floater design made by Tractebel enabled Tree Composites to design and showcase the wrapped joint technology on two joints common in offshore environment: the T-joint and double K-joints. Seavolt used these Tree Composite joints to test the advantages of lightweight composite materials for their upcoming offshore solar fleet. Tree Composites was pleased with the opportunity to demonstrate that the extensive research and development invested in joint design could now be applied to a tangible offshore project, marking a significant milestone for the start-up.


Production of this 9 by 9 meter structure was performed at the Versteden facilities in Bergen op Zoom. For this scaled-down pilot platform, FRP tubes were connected with our TC-joints to form the full composite floater. By manufacturing this first-of-a-kind platform, Tree Composites applied their patented technology for the first time on relevant scale. Fiber-optics were placed within parts of the composite to enable measuring of forces and structural integrity of the joint. During the production, we gained valuable experience that will be used as input for scale-up and industrialisation of our manufacturing process.


The Seavolt solar test platform has been installed in the North Sea in September 2023 and will stay offshore for at least one year to collect data. If you are interested in the possibilities that wrapped composite joints would offer you for the manufacturing of an offshore pilot or (pre)commercial structure, please contact us with your enquiries.

For more information on Seavolt, visit their website.

Installation in the North Sea – Copyright Eddy Vercruysse

Platform at Sea – Copyright SeaVolt consortium