Within WrapFly we study the commercial feasibility of the implementation of the TC-joint as a component of fatigue prone multi-membered structures. A disruptive innovation faces challenges with convincing the conservative industry to use this new technique. Therefore, we look into the potential markets and stakeholders, cost of manufacturing and cost of assembly and ownership of structures that include the TC-joint. As part of this project we also take part in the BOM IRP program hosted by the Buccaneer, to sharpen our business case.


Within the WrapNode-I project the wrapped composite joint technology is developed towards full-scale application and validated on critical points. Prediction tools and the manufacturing process are developed, optimised and validated with scaled and full-scale composite joints. The project will be executed by a consortium consisting out of TU Delft, Tree Composites, HSM offshore, Smulders, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Shell, AOC Nederland, BuFA Benelux, Salzgitter Renewables GmbH and Enersea. The results of WrapNode-I will validate the wrapped composite joint to be used in offshore jackets and supports the step towards implementation in a Jacket structure planned in the follow-up project called WrapNode-II.

Project Partners

TU Delft

The Technical University Delft (TU Delft) is a widely renowned academic institution for engineering and technology. The TC-joint technology was created and developed on the premises of the Civil Engineering faculty of TU Delft, ranking number two of the world in the QS World University Ranking by Subjects 2020.

Tree Composites works in collaboration with dr. ir. Marko Pavlovic and Prof. dr. ir. M. Veljkovic supported by the Stevin II lab testing facilities at TU Delft. TU Delft has extensive expertise in the areas of steel and composite structures in modelling and testing of lab scale steel and composite specimens.

The WrapNode-I project is led by Marko Pavlovic who is the main inventor and leader in knowledge development of wrapped composite joints. He is an expert in this field and besides research teaches next generation engineers and industry the current state of the art including advancements in knowledge in composite structures.